2018-19  Calendar  (Concerts in Blue.)

Aug 6 Monday Operational Fee due.

Aug 27 Monday 1st Quarter.  Lessons begin. 

Sept 3 Monday Labor Day. No lessons.

Sept 4 Tuesday Lessons resume.

Sept 10 Saturday 1ST Quarter payment due.

Oct 30 Tuesday 2nd Quarter begins.

Nov 10 Saturday 2nd Quarter payment due.

Nov 10 Saturday Group Class Concert Dress Rehearsal,

Time TBA at Suzuki School.

Nov 11 Sunday Group Class Concert, 1pm at Suzuki School.

Nov 20 – 25 Tues-Sun Thanksgiving Break. No lessons.

Nov 24 Saturday Plains Holiday Parade,11am.   Date and time tentative.

Nov.  26 Monday Lessons resume.

Dec 20 – Jan  2  Thurs-Wed Winter Break. No lessons.

Jan 3 Thursday Lessons resume.

Jan 7 Monday Operational Fee –  2nd payment due. 

Jan  21 Monday 3rd Quarter begins.

Jan  24-25 Thurs-Fri Rehearsals for Solo Recitals, Suzuki School.

Jan 26 Saturday Solo Recital at 1pm, Suzuki School.   

Jan 27 Sunday Solo Recital at 1pm, Suzuki School. 

Basket Raffle drawing.

Feb 9-10 Sat & Sun Snow Dates for Solo Recitals

Feb. 10 Quarterly payments due.

Feb 18-24 Mon-Sun Break.  No lessons.

Feb 25 Monday Lessons resume.

March 9 Saturday Orchestra Concert Dress Rehearsal, Time TBA.

Mar 10 Sunday Orchestra Concert, 2pm. 

Apr Sunday Faculty Concert.  TBA.  Basket Raffle drawing.

Apr 10 Wednesday 4th Quarter payment due.

Apr 16-22 Tues-Mon Spring Break.  No lessons.

Apr 23 Tuesday Lessons resume.

May 22 TBA Young Artists Concert rehearsal with Linda Houck.

May 24 Friday Young Artists Concert, 7pm.

May 27 Monday Memorial Day.  No lessons.

May 28 Tuesday Lessons resume.

June 11-16 Tues-Sun Semester Break.  No lessons.

June 17 Monday Summer schedule begins.